• Adult Special Needs Programs

    Community Cultural Center / Culture Club
    Culture Club is a recreational program designed to enhance the social lives of adults with developmental disabilities. The program is based on three concepts: Creating relationships, creating choices and changing lives. Each quarter a calendar of educational, recreational, social and cultural activities are offered. All activities (unless otherwise noted) are held at 1780 W. Seventh Street, Saint Paul.

    The CLEAR Program (Community Leisure, Education and Recreation) is an educational program that serves adults with developmental disabilities. CLEAR offers a variety of classes designed to meet the needs of adults with developmental disabilities. Classes offer opportunities to meet with old and new friends, share interests, explore talents and learn new skills. Staff creates a congenial environment to practice the skills necessary for a rich and independent life. Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursdays, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Bridge ViewSchool (360 Colborne Street, Saint Paul).


    The SEED Program (Supportive Experiential Education) offers community education classes that support mental health needs and lifelong learning of adults as they develop to their full potential in the community. Classes in Independent Living Skills, Expressive Arts, Adult Basic and Continuing Education, Technology and Physical Education are available. Classes are held Monday through Friday,9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Community Education Center, 1780 W. Seventh Street, Saint Paul.


Important Dates 2017

    • March 14 - CLEAR spring classes start
    • March 30 - SEED spring classes end
    • April 11-13 - SEED spring registration days (intake required before registering)
    • April 18 - SEED spring classes start
    • May 11 - CLEAR spring classes end
    • May 23 - CLEAR summer classes start
    • June 7 - Culture Club last day of school year
    • July 13 - CLEAR summer classes end

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