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Welcome to Crossroads


Crossroads Science and Montessori are the only year-round schools in the district, with a 45-days-on, 15-days-off schedule. The building houses two schools, one focused on Science and the other teaching using the Montessori approach. 

Maria Montessori pioneered “personalized learning” more than 100 years ago in Italy, and her methods still work today at Crossroads. Students learn through their own natural curiosity about the world, and teachers provide an environment to encourage and guide each child’s natural drive to learn. Teamwork is an important value in the Montessori method of teaching, which also features multi-grade classrooms with a cooperative, family-like atmosphere and teachers who stay with the student for two to three years. Students learn from each other by demonstrating self-direction, self-discipline, peacemaking and a sense of world citizenship.

Crossroads Elementary Science Magnet is also a year-round program with a 45-days-on, 15-days-off schedule. We are really excited about science here! Science is integrated into all core subjects and is the foundation for reading, writing and math. A bright and beautiful library/media center offers even more resources. 

Crossroads School Mission Statement 

Crossroads School Community facilitates lifelong learning and individuality by providing a child-centered, safe, supportive community in which all learners can reach their full potential.
Our vision is a school community where:

  • Students feel challenged, trusted, and successful
  • Learning is meaningful, productive, and engaging
  • Every student, family, and staff member feels safe, supported, respected, and valued
  • Students are prepared for Middle School

Crossroads Elementary School Offers:

  • A Year-Round Academic Calendar
  • Specialists Classes (Art, Science, Technology, Engineering, & Physical Education)
  • All-day PreK program (4+ years old)
  • All-day Kindergarten (5+ years old)
  • Lego League

Crossroads Elementary School first opened its doors in the fall of 1999. It houses two distinct, but collaborative, programs - Science and Montessori. The Science Program utilizes a well-balanced curriculum including foundational programs of reading, writing, and math. We also place a high value on the integration of science as central to instruction and work to integrate the ideas and concepts covered in science classes with other areas of the curriculum. Montessori education begins with the belief that children are motivated to learn and that learning involves inquiry, investigation, construction and collaboration. The Montessori method includes specially designed materials and proven educational strategies which support children at each stage of their growth. It has been proven successful in thousands of schools worldwide.

Both programs at Crossroads operate on a year-round calendar incorporating shorter, more frequent breaks. Research has shown year-round school to be effective at increasing motivation and student performance, particularly with targeted at-risk and limited English Proficient students. The most notable element within a year round calendar is the opportunity to target additional instruction through an Intersession program.

All Montessori staff have completed or are working towards completion of additional Montessori training. All Science Program staff have been hired because of their interest in science education reform and ability to incorporate inquiry-based instruction in the classroom. All staff are listed in the Crossroads Directory.

Crossroads Elementary
543 Front Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55117

Phone: (651) 767-8540
Attendance Line:
(651) 744-4513
Fax Line: (651) 312-9003
Office hours:
6:30 a.m.-3 p.m.
School hours:
7:30 a.m.-2 p.m.
For school records inquiries, please contact
the main office.