Crossroads’ year-round calendar is intended to help students academically by providing continuous learning opportunities by extending the school year through the summer months and having shorter breaks throughout the calendar year. However, data show that this year-round approach is not helping Crossroads students perform better academically and does not reduce summer learning loss. 

For the reasons listed below, this summer, SPPS leadership will recommend to the Board of Education that Crossroads Elementary transition to a traditional school calendar beginning with the 2025-26 school year. This upcoming 2024-25 school year would be the last year-round schedule for Crossroads. With a transition to a traditional school calendar, both the Science and Montessori programs would continue at Crossroads. 


  1. Student outcomes have not improved with the year-round calendar: Lower student academic outcomes:
    1. Lower student academic outcomes: In reading, math and science, Crossroads students are, for the most part, performing below the district despite the expanded learning opportunities provided through Intersession. 
    2. Lower student attendance: Data show that Crossroads students are struggling with consistent attendance (90% or more) when compared to their peers at other schools, which is lower in the summer months. 

    3. High number of students leave Crossroads over the summer: There has been a pattern of students leaving over the summer and not returning to Crossroads. This pattern of not returning to the same school in the fall is higher than the rest of the district. 

  2. Intersession staffing shortages: When Crossroads is on break, Intersession is provided to K-5 students who may need additional academic support. There are many challenges to fully staffing intersession, which is done on a voluntary basis. 

    Licensed staff at Crossroads may not want to work these extra days that are officially their break, and other SPPS staff are not available to fill in as they are on the traditional calendar and are already working at their own schools. 

    The lack of instructors means there are not enough Intersession openings available to students. In November 2023 alone, due to staff shortages, Crossroads had to turn away more than 100 students who applied for intersession. 

3. Disruptions to classroom rituals and routines: Crossroads’ year-round calendar means it has twice as many breaks (6) a year as schools on traditional calendars (3 breaks). Having to start and stop school this many more times a year makes it difficult to maintain classroom rituals and routines that help to create a safe and welcoming environment.

4. Challenges to establishing and maintaining school partnerships: Because community-based organizations have their schedules aligned with the traditional calendar the majority of schools have, it is challenging to find any partners that can provide supplemental learning opportunities and programs for Crossroads students. 

QUESTIONS: Tracy Buhl, Crossroads Principal, tracy.buhl@spps.org, Office: 651-744-6933, Cell: 612-946-0385. 

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