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Elementary 1 (E1)

Welcome to the Elementary 1 section of our website.

Our Elementary 1 curriculum supports academic experience, exploration, and individual progress, while providing for the social and imaginative development so vital to children 6-9 years old. Teaching and learning take place primarily in small groups where the needs and interests of the students can be targeted. Large group instruction, individual lessons, work with peers, and independent efforts by the students also take place.

The imagination of the child at this age is the key to learning. There is an increasing awareness of the world and its wonders beyond the boundaries of home and school. The classroom can now inspire the child by using this increased imagination to explore the universe. The child is presented with "the big picture", an overview of the relationship of things. The "cultural studies" (history, geography, and the sciences) offer children a panoramic view of the universe and a sense of humanity across time. The curriculum works from the large concept to the more refined.

Concepts are introduced through hands-on materials which encourage and engage the child and assist in an understanding of concepts before they are committed to memory. Students use concrete, hands-on math materials to work toward the abstraction of math and geometry concepts. They develop language skills through Writer's and Reader' Workshops and through the traditional Montessori curriculum which includes research, report writing, public speaking and project work.

Montessori students "learn how to learn" and gain the skills to become independent and self-directed learners. With guidance from teachers, students take ownership of their learning.