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Elementary 2 (E2)

Welcome to the Elementary 2 section of our website.

The Montessori curriculum can be envisioned as a spiral, with concepts first being studied in a very concrete way and then studied again in greater depth and abstraction as the child gets older. For example, the Children's House student observes the characteristics of real animals, the Elementary 1 student learns the external parts of vertebrates and invertebrates, and the Elementary 2 student studies the vital functions of animals such as the digestive, respiratory, circulatory and skeletal systems. At the Elementary 2 level, the child's world continues to expand, the horizons of the imagination increase, and concepts are presented and abstracted with fewer manipulative materials.

At the Elementary 2 level, students are taught to use planners to organize the increasing amount of work required. Students typically must learn to schedule their time to not only complete daily assignments but plan how to accomplish a month-long, in-depth research project. The skills of independent, self-directed learning which the students are practicing prepare them very well for success in Junior High.

Elementary 2 Teachers