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About STEM at Crossroads

Crossroads STEM Programing

This Venn diagram represents how the areas of STEM are integrated at Crossroads.


At Crossroads Elementary School, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or (STEM) is an integral part of the student experience. Our STEM program starts with Engineering and/or Science and integrates Technology and Math.


An engineering problem or challenge determines the scientific content needed to design solutions. Scientific understanding and processes inform engineering as students design a solution to a problem or challenge. Digital Technology and Math support the engineering and science through prototyping, modeling and communicating engineering design solutions and scientific understandings.  


STEM Unit Example: Air Rockets

In science, students learn about the forces affecting the rocket’s motion. In digital technology, students are introduced to and learn TinkerCAD. In engineering, students design nose cones and fins for air rockets using TinkerCAD and then 3D print them. Students then use measurement and data analysis to analyze the performance of their rockets. Students return to TinkerCAD and make adjustments to their design based on their analysis and 3D print the new design for testing.


Our STEM Integration Team meets regularly to develop and implement new STEM opportunities for students. The team also analyzes and adjusts how the current opportunities are increasing student learning and understanding in the STEM areas.

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